So perfect and so easy!

We met just before Dan was about to go away on holidays, so we had a couple of weeks of limited emails, then got to meet in person. Within a few emails we knew it was going to be something good. Within an hour of our first "date" ending, Dan was on the phone asking me for the next one. 5 months later we became engaged at Christmas, then we were married the following Spring (Oct 2012). From the moment we met it was so perfect and so easy - the way a good relationship should be. Dan was divorcing, I had been widowed, we both had kids. As a single parent I found it virtually impossible to get out and meet people & Dan is a shift worker... We thought it really ought to have been more complicated, but it turned out to be easy. We are so grateful it gave us a way of meeting - and luckily enough it turned out we lived within a few kilometers of each other anyway! We have our new beginning & look forward to a wonderful future.
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