Success stories with CC Soul-Mate

If you have found a CC Soul Mate. Please send it to us and we'll share with our CC members.

He added me as a favourite and the rest is history!
Nearly 14 months ago an incredible, lovely, wonderful man added me as a favourite. I was taking a break from online dating because I was over it. However I saw someone added me as a favourite and went online to read his profile. We chatted via... Read more

A chance meeting...
We met in September 2007. After chatting online all night we realised that we had actually shared a moment at a local pub months before! Our eyes had met dreamily across the room, but we never spoke! Today we have been very happily married since... Read more

I had a feeling that there was someone out there!
This website has been a great opportunity to experience 'dating' whether its meetings at a cafe or sharing lunch with a new friend it always provided the opportunity to get to know each other! It allows you to discover whether or not you are... Read more

So perfect and so easy!
We met just before Dan was about to go away on holidays, so we had a couple of weeks of limited emails, then got to meet in person. Within a few emails we knew it was going to be something good. Within an hour of our first "date" ending, Dan was... Read more

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