I had a feeling that there was someone out there!

This website has been a great opportunity to experience 'dating' whether its meetings at a cafe or sharing lunch with a new friend it always provided the opportunity to get to know each other! It allows you to discover whether or not you are compatible and share similar interests, but of course the "magic" is always the key ingredient in the mix. I have met many awesome and interesting men during my journey, some even remain friends today! However, I did reach a place where I had lost interest in the 'search' for a partner, even though I had this feeling that there was someone out there and he was not too far away. Then Brian came along and wanted to get to know me. I said I would prefer to meet sooner rather than later, so on a Sunday morning we met, and smiled all the way through our meeting which stretched to 3 hours! By the end we wanted to meet again soon. After that first morning, we started meeting three times a week, going for walks, enjoying a movie or lunch ... it just felt right to want to be together more and more. I felt my wall coming down, although I had enjoyed being 'single' for ten years it was now time for me to grow together with a man by my side. Unfortunately our busy lives with work/family, travelling distances to meet and simply everyday life was keeping us apart... so we decided to move in together which allowed us to be with each other more. Both in or 50s and with life experiences under our belt we were ready to take that jump, and what a journey and adventure it has turned out to be! In the past few weeks we have cleared and planted a vegie garden together awaiting for spring to come ...For us It is not about romance, it's the magic that comes along the way, there is so much to know about ourselves as we offer each other a reflection. And there is work to be done but as long as we stay playful it is awesome to share our lives together.
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